Give Back Program

Generosity Deals desires to be part of something bigger.
We believe it begins by giving back to our community. Generosity is at the heart of what we do because it impacts people's lives. Partnering with local businesses and consumers allows everyone the chance to be generous and Give Back 10% of each deal purchased to the needs within our community.

Healthy for Business

Local businesses who offer a great deal through Generosity give back to the people who care most about their business. They partner with the local community and build customer loyalty. On average, over 70% of people in West Michigan prefer to shop at local businesses and believe these businesses make their community a unique place to live.

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Strengthen Local Economy —
It starts with you

Our Give Back Program is a cycle – your local business offers a great deal, subscribers take advantage of the deal, and 10% of that is given back to the needs of the community. The cycle begins with our local businesses and it won’t work without you. You are the frontrunner for strengthening our community’s economy. The stronger the economy, the better your business.

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Build Relationships with Loyal Customers.

When local businesses offer a great deal that gives back, customers see that you care about the community and the local economy. This fosters relationships with loyal customers who will buy from you repeatedly and promote your business to their friends, yielding higher volumes and more sales. This translates to higher overall profits.


You get amazing deals, and spending your dollars locally helps support and give back to our community. Whether you're shopping for food, looking for a special gift, searching for a local service provider, or making a significant purchase, you can positively affect our local economy, as well as our local culture of Generosity.

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Contribute to Your Community.

Each time a Generosity “Deal” is purchased, you’re automatically donating 10% of that money towards local causes that make a difference in people’s lives.

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Foster a Culture of Generosity.

Making a difference in people’s lives by giving to causes that inspire us encourages others to adopt a generous mindset. Why just spend when you can spend to make a difference?


We care about West Michigan. We want to nurture and support the essential needs of our people, organizations and the ministries that have our community’s best interest at heart. We are all about giving as much as we can. Our Give Back Program ensures that all donations are specifically dedicated to making a difference within West Michigan. Here are a couple of areas we like to focus on…

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Ministries and Charities.

Caring for those with needs is at the heart of what we do. To make a difference in a life is priceless, but to make a difference in our community is so much bigger. By contributing to causes we believe in, we plan on impacting our community in a meaningful way.

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Family, Children, and Schools.

We support organizations and programs that promote healthy families and children. We believe in giving our own the best chance at a bright future. Investing into and partnering with inspirational and educational programs helps accomplish this.

For more information on our Give Back Program
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