About Us

It is the mission of Generosity Deals to connect local consumers and businesses through daily hyper-local deals and promote generosity that grows healthier economies, communities, ministries and schools.

Who we are.

Generosity Deals is a hyper-local daily deals website with heart.

We offer subscribers crazy awesome deals that are close to home, and local businesses a simple way to connect with the community.

A group of West Michigan guys loved the “deal of the day” concept offered by giant national websites, but could not take advantage of their great offers because none of the businesses were located in our community. We fixed the problem when we created Generosity Deals by limiting the website to businesses in West Michigan and surrounding communities.

More importantly, we were able to incorporate a passion of ours – to be generous and to inspire generosity. The heart of Generosity Deals is to connect people and businesses in order to grow the local economy and give back 10% of every deal to local charities, schools and ministries.

How it works.

Generosity Deals partners with local businesses to offer amazing deals to our large network of local subscribers. Subscribers take advantage of that deal, and 10% of every deal is given back to local charities, ministries, and schools.

Why we value local.

We believe that locally owned businesses:

  • Put more money back into the local economy
  • Foster relationships with local customers to create a thriving community
  • Contribute to vibrant local identity
  • Promote healthy neighborhoods and downtown areas
  • Provide a strong sense of place and pride in our community


Making a difference in people’s lives by giving to causes that inspire us, while encouraging others to adopt a generous mindset. Why just spend, when you can spend to make a difference?