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These are not just ordinary deals, they are crazy awesome deals and they are all right in your neighborhood.

Generosity Deals uses group buying power.

Most of our deals will save you between 50-90%. There is power in numbers and because we have many subscribers taking advantage of our deals, we can offer you some amazing ones.

Tell everyone you know about the deal.

Yeah. Please. Just tell everyone you know.

Check every day!

You'll be shocked at how amazing our deals are. If you like the deal, take it! If not, check back tomorrow.

There are no obligations.

You're never obligated to take advantage of any deal. Just take the ones you like, leave the ones you don't.

Immediate Results.

You'll see results the day we feature your deal.

Track reaction in real time.

You'll be able to see - in real time - the reaction to your deal.

Amazing exposure.

Even the people that don't take advantage of your deal are still reminded about your business.

No up front costs or risk.

You only pay the results you get. That is unheard for this kind of exposure.


Think of it like buying a coupon or discount card. You buy the coupon or card, then you show your card to the vendor and boom! They give you your discount. This works the same way. You 'buy' a deal and print out a certificate as proof, then show it to the vendor and you get your crazy awesome deal.

Generosity Deals will feature one new deal every 24 hours, but each deal will be available for purchase for 7 days or until the deal is sold out, whichever comes first. The featured deal will be sent to you the next day!

We realize that sometimes stuff happens, and we have crafted our return policy to be as helpful as possible! Our refund policy depends on the reasons you are requesting a return. We explain below. If you have a question concerning our policy, please email us prior to taking advantage of any deal.

Reason: You changed your mind. Any unredeemed certificate may be returned for a refund for any reasons (or no reason) within 14 days of purchase.

Reason: The vendor went out of business PRIOR to the expiration date. Send an email to and we will issue you a refund.

Reason: You have tried to contact the vendor to schedule an appointment for a service PRIOR to the expiration date and a) they won't return your calls or b) they won't accept your certificate or schedule an appointment. In this case, please email us at PRIOR to the expiration date so that we can attempt to resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve the issue within 48-hours, we will issue you a full refund.

Reason:The expiration date has passed and you contacted the vendor and they will not accept your certificate. We cannot issue you a refund after the expiration date.

Reason: The service was not as advertised. If you did not receive the full service that was described in the deal, please email us at asap and PRIOR to the expiraction date and we will issue you "Generosity Deals Cash" or a partial or full refund depending on the circumstance.

If a vendor on Generosity Deals goes out of business after the expiration date of the deal, Generosity Deals certificates purchased for that vendors products or services will likely have zero value unless a court offers a remedy for debtors as part of a bankruptcy proceeding. As noted above, Generosity Deals does not issue refunds or credits for unused or partially used certificates when a vendor goes out of business after the deal's expiration date.

Yes, because our goal is to have merchants sell tons of their product or service in a very short time, they offer amazing deals. You do NOT have to form a group yourself; anyone who takes advantage of the deal counts. However, when you see how crazy awesome the deals are, you'll feel guilty if you keep the secret to yourself so SPREAD THE WORD! Once the deal hits the magic number, everyone wins!

No. Feel free to buy one or set up a DIY one but we’re finding that the party or event serves as a fun and hip background to your pictures. So just point the booth in the direction of where all the action is and let your guests go wild!

Absolutely! Don't wait until the last second or you may be sorry.

No. There are no membership fess or hidden fees other than what you would pay for a coupon or 'deal'. We want you to save money, not spend more.

We accept all major credit cards– including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express–as well as bank-authorized debit cards.

Every offer will have an expiration date. This information will be clearly stated on the deal page, so be sure to check that out before you commit. The expiration date will also be printed on the Generosity Deals certificate that you print out. The expiration date is binding, except where prohibited by law.

After you have purchased a deal, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox containing a link to your Generosity Deal certificate. Simply go to that link and print the certificate. If you have a sensitive spam filter, be sure to add Generosity Deals to your safe senders list.

You can use your certificate on the following business day after your order is processed.

Each Generosity Deal has a unique set of conditions, which will be posted with each deal. These conditions will also appear on your Generosity Deals certificate when you print it. These conditions are not negotiable.

In most cases yes, but again, each business sets its own terms, so please confirm that information before purchasing.

First off, bummer… but, no problem. Just log into Generosity Deals, view your purchase history, and reprint your certificate.

Yes. The business that you are buying from has no way to give you change or to reduce your Generosity Deal to a reduced amount. If your certificate is good for $20 worth of coffee, you will need to buy $20 worth of coffee and pay for it with your Generosity Deals certificate.

Please click here to read our return/refund policy.

We are featuring great deals at great places in the community. However, in the event that a merchant goes out of business... please contact us and we will be sure to give you credit to use on your next purchase. Please use your certificates promptly.

Absolutely! We never store your credit card info and use a fully encrypted Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

Nope. You are only charged if the Generosity Deals hits the required minimum.

We are based in Kent County, Michigan, duh ;^)

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